MDF Letters


MDF wooden letters are ideal for craft projects and indoor signs. MDF letters can be made in any size up to 36 inches.

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MDF Letters

MDF letters are ideal for those looking for inexpensive letters for a  child’s bedroom, business or just about anywhere indoor. MDF is made of compressed wood fibers and has a smooth front and back. The edges are very absorbent and will require a primer or sealer to achieve the desired look as the paint will “disappear” as it is absorbed into the MDF. Sealing the edges and faces reduces the amount of paint needed to cover the letters.

Unfinished MDF Wooden Letters

While MDF wooden letters are less expensive, however they can look professional when finished. If you are looking to save money, unfinished MDF letters are the way to go. Painting MDF is easy to do when you properly seal the edges. In the past we have used Mod Podge and primer to seal the edges of the MDF wood letters. Once you seal the edges, lightly sand and it is ready for your finish.

MDF wooden letters are ideal for a metallic paint finish for a faux metal letter project.

The smooth surface of MDF also is ideal for decoupaging paper to the face. This opens up some unique possibilities for decorating the letters. With a wide variety of paper available in craft shops and online, it makes it easier to decorate the letters.

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